These are actual emails received from current and past clients.  If helpful, I may get permission to allow a verbal communication to ease your decision.


Thank you for always being available to answer my questions and for all your efforts to make this happen.
-Robert, Van Nuys, CA

Thank you sir for hands down the easiest and quickest refinance ever. Look forward to us working together again.
-Henry & Tracy, La Canada Flintridge, CA

Thanks Mike, We’re very happy to be free of a house payment and still maintain ownership of our home with our Reverse Mortgage. I’m so glad I was fortunate enough to catch you on K-EARTH that morning a couple of months ago, as you proved to be a source of great comfort, and assurance throughout the process. What you don’t know is after I first made contact with you, I looked you up on line and saw a photo of you; I remember thinking at the time, he has a trust worthy face, and from that time on I knew I didn’t have to worry, and I never did. So my friend, thank you for always being available when I called and quickly answering any questions, we always felt like you were looking out for us and that’s a nice feeling.
-Martin & Velia, Redlands, CA

On top of things and one step ahead – all the time – that is how I would describe Mike’s work – reminding me what to do next, answering my “basic” questions/texts any time of the day, using technology to save time, sharing his knowledge/strategy, persisting with me through all the roadblocks during my refinance.  Mike is super sharp, understands people,  and gets things done. I’d definitely go back to him.
-Victoria, Thousand Oaks, CA

You are the best!
-Suzanne, Glendale, CA

CONGRATS!  Your loan has FUNDED and is set to RECORD later today.
Thank you so much!!!  Thank you all!  Yes, we made it, what a relief!  Thank you so much for all of your help!
-Pavlina, Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you, Michael.  As always, you are patient, informative, and quick to deliver.
-George & Teresa, Santa Monica, CA

Awesome! Thank YOU once again for helping us to navigate the process. We really appreciate your time and expertise!
-Ken & Michelle, Thousand Oaks, CA

Mike, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. I feel like I had a true teammate and a times, a teacher. What an education it was!  Thanks very much for helping us start an exciting new chapter.
-Mike & Stephanie, Valley Village, CA

Michael, thank you so much, for your help throughout this process.
-Ted & Sayuri, Huntington Beach, CA

Michael, Thanks for everything pal. It is always such a pleasure to deal with a top notch professional like yourself.
-Randy & Frances, Yorba Linda, CA

Great job, I will refer you to all my clients who needs help in regard mortgages
-Sumet, Fullerton, CA

Your loan has FUNDED!  Hi Michael,  That is great news.  Thank you again for all your help and it was a pleasure working with you.  Thanks,
-Mark, Woodland Hills, CA

Both loans have FUNDED today.
Great News!  I enjoyed doing business with you and look forward to my next transaction with United Mortgage Corporation of America.  You made my day.  It has been the best experience I have ever had arranging a new mortgage.  Thanks so much. Take care.
-Don, Northridge, CA

Thanks very much, once again it was very very nice having you and assist us on our refinance papers.   Will always thank you for what you did to make sure our refinane went smooth.  Respectfully,
-Duglas & Rosa, South Gate, CA

Mike, I just wanted to take this time to formally thank you for your services and helping us secure our refinance loan.  I must share that I had contacted other companies before I found United Mortgage Corporation of America and none took the time you did to further investigate if it was possible for us to accomplish what we needed in a loan.  In addition, you were always very professional and I can’t remember when was the last time I dealt with someone who returned calls and/or emails as quickly as you did.  To me that was a telltale sign that I was dealing with a true professional that I could trust.  I will certainly recommend  you to any friends, family and colleagues inquiring about mortgage financing or refinancing.  Thanks again Mike.
-Sam & Rosa, Hacienda Heights, CA

Thank you, Mike.  Once again, it was a painless and efficient experience.
-George & Teresa, Santa Monica, CA

Michael, Whew, great news!  It was touch and go at times, but the end result is what counts!  Phil and I would like to thank you so much for your diligence and professionalism in handling our loan. We will definitely refer our friends and family, should the need arise.  Take care and happy holidays to you and your family!!!
-Phill & Janice, West Covina, CA

Great Mike! I appreciate everything you have done for us and putting up with our first time home buyer questions. I will definitely refer anyone we know to you in the future, and we ourselves look forward to working with you again down the road.
-Steven & Sophia, Ventura, CA

Hi Michael, Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me acquire the loan. I truly appreciate all your effort and time to close this transaction. It has been a pleasure working with you.
-Lilli, Winnetka, CA

Thank you so much Micheal!  Really was a pleasure to work with you and we will recommend you to our friends.  Wonderful!  Thank you so much for all your work!
-Julian & Lisa, North Hills, CA

Thanks for all your hard work, diligence, persistence, knowledge, and experience which helped us refinance 2 loans.  Our friends are surprised of how low of an interest rate we got.  You really know your business.  We are planning to expand our investing and you are already in our plans for helping us refinance in the future.  I’ll be contacting you in June to help my brother in law refinance his house.  Thank You.
-Felipe & Araceli, Delano, CA

Mike, thank you very much and I appreciate all your hard work. Getting the extra cash was great, now I can complete all the items on my list to be done.
-Gary & Sherrie, Chino, CA

Congratulations!  We have recorded on your loan and all is final. Thank you for your confidence and allowing us to assist you with your HARP refinance.
Great news.  Thank you, Mike.  This is wonderful.

-Ted, Huntington Beach, CA

Great job Mike. It has been a pleasure working with you and we will definitely keep your name and number in mind for any VA buyers we may have, or that make offers on our listings.

Hi Michael, We are so happy – it is a true dream come true for us to get both the refi and new purchase loan that you did for us. You are our go-to person for any future lending needs!  I will be picking your brain in a while as we hope to do some kind of investment down the road.
Thanks so much for your help !
-David & Jessica, Irvine, CA

Michael, Thank you so much for all your dedication to making this happen.  We would like to thank you for all you have done to make this refinance happen. We appreciate all your attention to detail and all you have done to make this process so smooth.  We will keep your information and refer you to our friends and family.  I am actually going to send your info to our friend that we camped with this weekend.
-Melissa, Rolling Hills, CA

-Rebecca, San Marino, CA

Thanks again for your help with this new loan. We are very happy and relieved!
-David, Costa Mesa, CA

WOW! I can’t believe it has finally happened.  It has been a long trying tough road for me and Thomas. It seems you did it in a blink of an eye.  I am forever grateful for all of your help and impeccable service.  A customer for life!
-Thomas & Terri, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the smooth process.  Everyone in the process was very professional, cordial and efficient.
-Jesse, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much!  It has been a pleasure working with you!
-Kevin & Kris, Yorba Lina, CA

Thank you so much for helping us refinance!  We are very pleased with the whole process. Thank you!  We look forward to saving with the lower interest rate and cutting 5 yrs off the life of our mortgage.   Thank you for making the process easy.
-Loydi, Rowland Heights, CA

Not only are you incredibly swift in your replies, but I LIKE the way you think!! Can’t get better than Free!!
-Joni, Anaheim Hills, CA

Thanks Michael, the gift that you posses is that you care more about your clients than yourself, and that is very hard to find now days.  I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me.
-Kevin, Glendale, CA

Your Loan has Funded!  Great news.  Thank you so much Mike – you did a great job on this for us.  I will definitely keep you in mind for future transactions.
-Micki, La Crescenta, CA

WE SIGNED DOC’S LAST NIGHT!  Michael, I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, Cedra and I are very pleased and we recommend everyone we know to go to you and we look forward to working with you again someday.   We couldn’t of done it without you, thank you Michael for all you help and expertise!
-Rafael & Cedra, Perris, CA

THANK YOU!!!  4th try in 4 years…you really went to bat for me!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you helping me, and for putting up with all my endless questions and random BS…I will certainly direct anyone looking to refi to you!  Whoo Hoo!!!  Wow…if I was closer, I’d take you out for a drink  Thanks again…I’m gonna leave good comments on your website!
-Rose, Visalia, CA

Your Loan has Recorded! Fantastic, Michael! You are the best.  Sorry I was such a pill. I’m very happy now.
-Paul, Santa Monica, CA

Thank you so much for the GREAT news about my loan being wrapped up/recorded soon. This so far has been the smoothest, easiest re-fi I have ever been through and I am so grateful. This could not have come at a better time either as I really have to get my fixed expenses pared down!
-Linda, Chatsworth, CA

Loan has Recorded!  Great.  Thank you so much for the update and all your hard work.  I will definitely pass your contact info if I hear of anyone that needs to refinance.
-Kim, Simi Valley, CA

Michael, Thanks for helping out a great spin on the end of 2012 for us.
-Scott & Donna, Weslake Village, CA

Michael is the probably the best person I have ever dealt with regarding refinance, bar none. I will never use anyone else. You will love working with him. I am confident he can help you with your refinance.
-Randy, Yorba Linda, CA

Your Loan has Funded! Reply…Great news. Thanks for all your help on this. I know it was a ton of work. Thanks again,
-Matt & Natalie, Torrance, CA

Michael, Thanks, Thanks & Thanks for all your extra work…..and we will always have confidence in YOU and your company!  Have a wonderful weekend, you have made a Happy Couple again!  As always it has been a pleasure working with you, thanks for all your extra help. Thank You,
-James & Irene, Pico Rivera, CA

Thanks for the call back Michael. I appreciate the advice. I’ll tune into your show!
-Dave, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Thank you so much. Gave your name to my neighbor.
-Nancy, Santa Monica, CA

Thanks to everyone who helped in this ordeal! I would recommend u to anyone.
-Robert, Long Beach
, CA

Mike, Thank you all for your hard work on this one! Buyer is super happy.
Thank you Michael. We didn’t even expect a refund, so this is of course wonderful news. Thank you for all your hard work on our loan. We’ve already given your name to two of our friends. Hopefully, they have / will call you soon.  Gratefully,
-Donna & Jim, Granada Hills, CA

Loan Recorded!…Awesome. Thanks for the update and the service.
-Jason, Chino, CA

Mike, I am impressed with your professionalism, conscientiousness and timely replies.
-Steve, Burbank, CA

Michael, Thank you again for your patience and hard work we really appreciate it.
-Craig & Annette, Santa Clarita, CA

Michael, Thank you so very much for all that you have done for us.  From all my questions at the beginning so I could gather information to bring to my husband. To deligantly finding us the best rate and loan for us.  I want you to know I think you are the best and I will keep my eyes, and ears, open to send you new customers!!  Thanks again,
-Kathy and Bill, Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you Mike for all your work. I am utterly appreciative to you and how well the process went.
Stacey and Leo, Valencia, CA

Michael, Thank you for keeping your word.  I will definitely recommend you.  Thank you for all your help in regards to the loan.  Probably wouldn’t have made it by today if you hadn’t worked your side. Thanks.
-SC, El Monte, CA

Your program is great and I learned quite a bit from it.  Thanks for the referral and I hope everything would work out.  I will certainly keep you posted.
-Peter, Pasadena, CA

Mike, Appreciate your diligence, patience, and knowledge.  Thank you, you were great.
-Brigette, Inglewood, CA 

Hi Mike, Thanks for you help in this process.  It is a pleasure to work with you.
-Mark & Donna, Simi Valley, CA 

I am a long time listner of your radio program and I must say you are the best. I learn a lot from your program everytime I listen to it. Thank you.
-Khaliq, Woodland Hills, CA

The Real Estate Life program receives questions each and every week.  A recent call had to do with Tax Transfer for 55 years and older.  An email was provided with attachments and information.  Michael, Thank you very much for this information.  It answered my question perfectly!  Thanks again,
-Robin, Southern California

“I called The Real Estate Life after hearing their program.  They were prompt to provide me with valuable information allowing me to make an educated decision.  After reviewing my credit The Real Estate Life helped me to raise my score over 90 points and saved me needless lender fees for a credit score below 680.  I am truly thankful to everyone at The Real Estate Life.  I love my new monthly payment.  It is one a happy to make!”
Carol, Woodland Hills, CA

Halelouyaaaaaaa!!!!!! Thank you Michael.  In the beginning I did not have trust you can do it. But, you sure proved me wrong. I really want to thank you for all your work and effort to finish this in short just 3 weeks on my Purchase. I will definitely recommend you to others.
-Nick and Anna., Glendale, CA

“I turned to Mike and the team at The Real Estate Life when others failed. They got the loan I needed, had funds in 16 days, got an extra $200,000 and allowed me to buy a new Business. I had reserves and to boot I paid no points and he saved me $45,000 over the term of my loan. I will never turn to anyone else. I found my Lender for Life.”
Ben, Agoura Hills, CA

“Incredible! Mike and the team at The Real Estate Life had helped my family buy with no money down. We came back 2 years later and received a no point, no fee loan that fixed our rate of interest and saved us $125.00 every month. We plan on buying a new home soon and Mike and his team will be our first and last call. The time, energy, and dedication that Mike and the team shows cannot be equaled anywhere. Stop looking! You found your man!”  “My new (investment) home looks great. It feels good saying that and I am eager to close. I want more!”
- Nick, Anaheim Hills, CA

“If you are buying a property and need a Lender, STOP LOOKING.  You cannot find a more dedicated group of individuals at The Real Estate Life to help you throught the process.  Mike and his team’s communication and follow up are unequaled.  We got close on time at a rate that was better than the local banks.  In this market getting a loan can sometimes be a challenge…not with Mike and his team!”
- Scott, Thousand Oaks, CA

Thank you, Mike.  As is usual, this was very painless.  I truly appreciate all your hard work and keeping us posted along the way.  Thanks again!
-George & Terrie, Santa Monica, CA